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Carriages in Windsor Town since 1849, pictured here around 1890.

The redesign and growth of our small town not to mention the invention of the motorcar has presented many challenges over the 170 years of operation. Learn more about how each generation adapted to keep this tradition in place.

mauritius images - 12191926 - Avon Valley Coursing Club meet at Downton, Hampshire. Sir Jo


Learn about our history to date with a free talk for your school or organisation. Visit us and view our carriages including our 1890 landau registered as a Windsor Taxi since 1890.

Meet the Windsor Carriage horses and learn more about how their welfare is our number one consideration.

Windsor Carriages - Photography by Abi Moore - 09.jpg


Still here in 2022, learn more about how we have had to diversify to survive! 

'The only carriage in England with a Covid screen'

Investment into online booking and partnerships with hotels and travel companies.

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