All our horses are hand selected for their calm nature and enjoyment of driving.

Meet the horses

We generally don’t look for new horses - they tend to find us!

Our work schedule is always designed around them and certain routes around the Park can vary to keep the horses interested and in line with their fitness levels. The comfort of the horse always comes first. 

In fact, our popular 2015 summer evening trip was originally designed specifically for dad, and our legendary horses, Minos and Hector. Their combined age (dad and his boys) was 146, which called for light work in the cool evenings. 

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Landau wwith Billy and Iccy
Press LMS
Press London Traffic Race 1997

Hunter and Orion 

The horse is the most critical consideration in every decision made during the operation of our carriages. In addition to this, since Windsor Carriages represents over 5 generations of Hackney carriage drivers and their horses, the highest standards of turn out, conduct and interaction with the public are always upheld.


Always immaculately turned out, these boys know their job and really enjoy their time out in the Park.


They are named in memory and connection to Minos and Hector, The Windsor Great Park legends who drove for over 27 years on The Long Walk with my father. My father named them after the Greek kings and brothers Minos and Hector. When I researched that 'Orion The Hunter' was the only male descendant of these two Greek kings, I instantly knew the name for my pair of princes.


Introducing Windsor Great Park's black beauties:

Orion and Hunter.


Long may they drive in memory of the horses before them.

Our history of magnificent legends

Our horses since 1960

Created from family memories and stories from past grooms.


In Progress

'Mumbles loved a can of coke' Becky Marshall Groom 1989 - 2002



A nutty chesnut, seen here driving as a pair with Tinker. Simon was most known for leaving the stables on his hind legs, an act that one groom remarked 'I thought it was normal until we met other teams of horses and I realized that all four hooves should be on the ground'!



Monarch is seen here with The Token House delivery van leaving Windsor Castle.

Penny and Sherry

This beautiful pair pulled the last horse drawn trade vehicle in the town of Windsor. The Token House trade van delivered china across the borough including to The Castle.

This pair were owned by my Grandfather, Frank Seear. mum says they were Irish cobs


Tinker and Sailor

Tinker, on the left, was originally meant to be a TV star. He was bought by a cigarette company for an advert involving 20 coloured horses. However Tinker at 14hh was too small for the project and came to live with us. Dad paired him with  Sailor and hoped to one day have a team of coloured hores named Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor!

Growing up, we all rode Tinker for many years at pony club and he also became a lead in dads team of four horses. 



'Franco was born in Argentina herding cattle and bought to the UK where he worked his way up to International High Goal Polo. He was owned by Harold Bamberg, chairman of Cunard Eagle Airways, the Eagle Airways Polo Team and also owner of Cowarth Park, now the hotel. Franco was then sold to a young banker, John Brown, who later became MP for Winchester. 

John Brown also rode Franco as a mounted steward at Badminton Horse Trials'.


After which dad decided to make him a carriage horse as a pair with Tinker and in the team.  Dads eyes would light up when he talked about driving in the team through the gates which led to the Polo fields in the park. Dad recalled 'As soon as he saw the polo fields his ears went up and he was back on the pitch. Absolute magic.' 


Billy and Iccy

Billy and Iccy (William and Icarus)

 Welsh section D cobs, bred by David Cripps, a good friend of my fathers.


Again major legends for over 20 years working on The Long Walk and the uncles of dads next pair, Minos and Hector. They also pulled Queen Victorias Balmoral Sociable in the Lord Majors Show and attended The Queen Mothers birthday parade at Buckingham Palace.

Minos and Hector

Just so much to type need a new page.. here are the headlines:

  • Drove on The Long Walk for over 27 years

  • Pulled Queen Victorias Balmoral Sociable in the Lord Majors Show for 15 years!

  • Drove to Cornwall from Windsor in 1995, over 250 miles in 5 days for charity!

Taffy and Tarten

These were Grandpas Hackney pair that dad would steal for the team.

 I went to university locally so I could still muck these beauties out each day. 

IMG_0624 (1).jpg


Bronwen was the only mare dad drove on The Long Walk with Windsor Carriages. Bronwen drove single and was everyones favorite.


Goodfellows Sam

The last of my grandfathers horses. Sam was bought as a 2 year old by Grandpa, driven by dad and the last horse dad and I drove together before he died. I soon learnt he would drive for no one but my dad. He retired shortly after dad passed and went to live with a family in Camberley as beloved family pet. He was the horse that got me back into driving again. 



Ah Ted. We lost Ted in October 2019 so still quiet raw for me to type. But this horse was a retired FEI International Carriage Driving Champion. An absolute hero who came to keep Sam company when we lost the old boys, Minos and Hector. He would use the Long Walk as his very own runway, topping speeds of around 8-10mph!

Very much missed x


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