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The Royal Windsor Flower Show: A Must-Visit Event

“The Royal Windsor Flower Show is exactly what a British flower show should be – it is perfect!” - Alan Titchmarsh, Hon President RWRHS

The Duchess of Edinburgh and Alan Titchmarsh sitting in a carriage at the Royal Windsor Flower Show
The Duchess of Edinburgh and Alan Titchmarsh attend the Royal Windsor Flower Show

The Duchess of Edinburgh and Alan Titchmarsh attend the Royal Windsor Flower Show at the York Club in Windsor Great Park, pictured in a Windsor Carriage, sponsored by Caldicott School, Photo Copyright held by Andrew Matthews/PA.

When it comes to iconic British events, Windsor has an exceptional lineup. From the Royal Windsor Horse Show and The Cartier Queens Cup at Guards Polo to the Royal Ascot Races and the charming Royal Windsor Flower Show, there’s no shortage of reasons to make Windsor your dream destination. Today, let's delve into the magic of the Royal Windsor Flower Show and why it should be on every visitor’s itinerary.

A Celebration of Nature and Tradition

Held in the stunning historic grounds of Windsor Great Park, the Royal Windsor Flower Show is a fabulous one-day event that celebrates gardening, nature, cookery, traditional crafts, and good old-fashioned fun. Opened by Honorary President, Alan Titchmarsh, UK Gardening Royalty, the show offers a delightful way to spend memorable time with friends and family, enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Whether you prefer a refreshing gin and tonic, specially crafted by show sponsors, Tipsy Gin, a glass of champagne, or a relaxing sit-down after a delicious afternoon tea courtesy of Coworth Park Hotel, the show has something for everyone.

A Glimpse of Our History

This year, we were thrilled to see a Windsor Carriage return to the show. As we prepared for the event, our groom Crispin recalled that Rebecca's father, John Seear, had also taken a carriage to the show many years ago. While John was likely delivering goods or advertising for The Token House, a Royal Warrant holder’s china shop in Windsor, our participation this year was purely for the joy of sharing a heritage exhibit everyone could enjoy.

Rebecca explains ‘I always notice how children adore climbing into the carriage, being able to stand and move around, and see what the coachman can see. Which is not always possibly in a moving carriage!’ Our interactive exhibit allowed children—and adults—to climb aboard freely and experience travel as it once was, albeit stationary. Decorated with hundreds of flowers by award-winning florist Kim Wright and team, the carriage was a dream come true. Seeing it featured in the UK press with The Duchess of Edinburgh seated within it was an absolute highlight. The Duchess of York also visited and spoke to our coachman, Jonathan, and his family and Windsor Carriages custodian Rebecca Seear creating a particularly memorable moment for the team and their families.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, with the Windsor Carriage Coachman Jonathan Edwards and family.
The Duchess of York attends The Royal Windsor Flower Show. Pictured with Jonathan Edwards and family, and custodian Rebecca Seear (in the hat).

Quintessentially British

The Royal Windsor Flower Show exudes personal touches and joyful energy that are difficult to achieve or replicate. From the quintessentially British competition marquees bursting with prized vegetables, floral displays, bakery treats, and crafts to the eagerly anticipated egg & spoon races and Punch & Judy shows, the show offers a delightful array of activities.

Our Involvement: Celebrating Heritage

So, why was the carriage at the show? For over 175 years, coachmen in Windsor Town and The Great Park have passed down their Victorian horse-drawn hackney carriage licenses from generation to generation, preserving this unique trade and Windsor’s rich carriage driving heritage. Our schools program aims to share this history, transporting children back to the charming era when horses and carriages ruled the roads. A photo board beside the carriage displayed photos of Windsor Carriages from past and present, inviting guests to ‘Step into your carriage and capture a perfect photo moment’ in celebration of our 117th Royal Windsor Flower Show and Windsor’s heritage. It’s a chance to celebrate this cherished tradition and experience travel as it once was.

Join Us in Celebrating Windsor

With so many exciting events in Windsor over the coming months, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating our rich heritage and vibrant community. To learn more about our bespoke range of exclusive experiences, please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The 2025 Royal Windsor Flower Show takes place on Saturday June 7th 2025

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