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Windsor Carriages is committed to making changes to allow our trips to be accessible for all.

Here is what we are able to do as of today. 



Collect from town

While the distance from Windsor town to The Long Walk is only a 3 minute walk, we appreciate that can be too long for some and so we can have the carriage collect you from town, our most popular location is from The Castle Hotel. 

The Castle Hotel kindly partner with us to help securely store wheel chairs and mobility scooters where we are unable to store them on the carriage.



Collect from 'Shopmobility' location

Our first trip of each day is able to start from the shopmobility building where you can hire scooters and mobility equipment.  Please contact us to arrange.


Offer assistance entering and exiting the carriage

We can offer assistance and time to help access the carriage. All carriages have wide and low steps with hand rails and your groom will assist you should you require it. The first step of two is 30cm from the ground. We recommend asking yours guests if they can weight bear on one leg while lifting the other 30cm from the ground. If they are able to do this, they will be able to access the carriage unaided. If not we are able to help support their access, just let us know and we can add some extra time to your booking. 

We have researched wheelchair accessible carriages and it is our long term plan to provide one, once we have funds to do so. We have received approval from our licensing body and insurers and found the coach builder who can build one, we just now need the funds. 

Children and young adults with special needs

We are SEND trained to help with children who may need extra time to familiarize themselves with the carriage and horses. Whether you need physical help or just additional time, we are here to help.

If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact us using our 'contact us' form.

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