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Accessibility in Windsor UK


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Experiences in Windsor Great Park for Everyone

Windsor Carriages is committed to making changes to allow our trips to be accessible for all. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website and our services. Please contact us by phone if you would like us to talk you through our website and the services we offer.


If you have any questions or recommendations about accessibility, please contact us on 01753 981980 or via email

Windsor Carriages

Is it bumpy? 

No. All carriages have excellent suspension to provide a smooth ride with wide and low steps with hand rails.


Are there steps?

Yes, 2 steps into the carriage and your groom and guide will happily assist you. 


We recommend asking your guests if they can weight bear on one leg while lifting the other 30cm from the ground while holding onto something. 

Autism support

We are a safe and understanding environment for children and adults with unpredictable physical movements & sounds.

Can we hear the guide?

From April 2023 we have a Wireless Voice Amplifier Bluetooth Speaker available for our guide to be heard at higher volumes where required. Please note on your enquiry if this will be required.

Can I bring my service animal? 

Yes on private carriages.

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