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Meet The Team

Welcome to the "Meet the Team" section of our company website, where you'll get to know the dedicated individuals behind Windsor Carriages. Our team proudly represents a commercial driving tradition that has been cherished and passed down through the generations for over 175 years. Within each generation, the rich oral history, time-honored traditions, and captivating stories have been lovingly transmitted from coachman to coachman.


We are a group of local equestrians who wholeheartedly support this local business, deeply immersed in heritage and history. With the gracious permission of The Crown Estate, we have the privilege of carrying on this remarkable tradition. Our work is not just a profession; it's a profound passion for all of us. We take immense joy in sharing the essence of this tradition with visitors to our magnificent town and the Royal estate.

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Jonathan Edwards

Crispin Mould

Crispin Mould
Groom and Guide

Rebecca Marshall

Rebecca Marshall
Groom and Guide

Windsor Carriage Mission

A heritage legacy deeply rooted in history, with a mission to restore historic carriages, educate on driving traditions, and perpetuate this esteemed service. Join us on a journey along The Long Walk to Windsor Castle.

Respect for tradition is at the core of Windsor Carriages. We place great emphasis on heritage and continuity. In keeping with this enduring tradition, passed down through generations, our aim is to preserve age-old customs and knowledge, fostering a shared history and enduring connection. We offer experiences from the bygone Victorian era, providing tranquility, relaxation, and a profound connection within the majestic backdrop of Windsor Castle.

The revival and preservation of historical ways of life and work are the essence of our mission, as we aim to uphold the significance of commercial carriage driving as a cherished trade within the United Kingdom. This commitment extends to supporting the skilled craftsmen and women contributing to this trade, including wheelwrights and harness makers. We maintain and restore these vehicles traditionally to offer an experience reminiscent of the past, dating back over 175 years. While we prioritize authenticity, we've also made enhancements for all-weather protection, a smoother ride, and improved safety with lower, wider steps. 


As the United Kingdom's oldest horse-drawn hackney carriage company, Windsor Carriages is resolute in safeguarding our enduring legacy, which traces its roots back to the Victorian era. We take great pride in our unwavering dedication to conducting educational visits for local schools and groups. These special events provide us with the opportunity to not only showcase our treasured collection of artifacts but also unveil the intricate tapestry of history interwoven into the very essence of our operation. These artifacts are currently on display at the Windsor and Eton Museum, conveniently located within the Windsor Guildhall.


At Windsor Carriages, our philanthropic and charitable endeavors are of paramount importance. We wholeheartedly embrace our role as a stalwart pillar of the community, and our dedication to supporting local charities, such as the Windsor Food Bank and The Alexander Devine Children's Hospice, serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment. In our storied history, we proudly stand as the community's fourth oldest attraction, revered alongside Windsor Castle, The Great Park, and the majestic River Thames.

Windsor Carriages outside Guildhall


We are unwavering in our commitment to preserving the authenticity of our traditions, ensuring that the legacy of Windsor Carriages remains true to its roots. 

Carriage Horse in Windsor Great Park


Animals are at the heart of our operation, and their pivotal role in our tradition is of paramount importance. We approach all our endeavors with compassion and care, both towards our animal companions and our community. 

Windsor Carriages

Service To others

Our mission is to create exceptional experiences for those we serve. We aim to craft memories for our guests that will be cherished and recounted for generations to come. Your pleasure is not just our priority; it's our purpose.

King Charles III in Windsor with carriage

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