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Experiences in Windsor Great Park

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Our iconic Heritage ride has maintained its allure, remaining largely unchanged over the past 70 years as licensed hackney carriages shifted from their traditional taxi trade to catering more to tourism. In the earlier era, coachmen would accept fares in town and travel along The Long Walk, making their way towards Reading and London. The transformation of the taxi trade into a tourist industry in the late 1970s, has seen The Long Walk continue to be a cherished location for visitors to capture memories and photographs of our magnificent Castle.

Over the last 50 years, we have curated two further popular experiences. Journey along the legendary Long Walk at Windsor Castle, venturing into Windsor Deer Park, and explore our vibrant town with our Legacy Tour.


Venture further still with our Crown Experience over 3 miles from town for an unparalleled insight into the royal estate’s past and present – with tales you'll wish to recount.


Let us create a Great Park experience just for you. 

Let us Create a Great Park Experience Just for you



Enjoy the spectacular approach to Windsor Castle on The Long Walk.

Experience panoramic views into the 5000-acre estate which surrounds the Castle.Operating throughout the year in our covered 6 seater carriage.


Don't forget to visit the Windsor Carriages exhibit at Windsor & Royal Borough Museum situated within Windsor Guildhall just a short walk from your carriage. Entry is free. We are proud to be a heritage icon within Windsor Town. 

Windsor Carriages
Windsor Carriages Heritage Lux at Windsor Castle


Your private carriage will collect you from Windsor town, transporting you through the vibrant streets. Pass landmarks like The Guildhall, and experience the bustling town centre before journeying into the Windsor Deer park along the renowned Long Walk of Windsor Castle.

Select your preferred carriage from our collection and allow us to recommend several Windsor destinations to seamlessly extend your experience. Your carriage will take you to their front door for a Windsor arrival like no other!


Windsor Great Park, a historic parkland boasting ancient oak forests and a vast Deer Park is set against the majestic backdrop of Windsor Castle. This experience offers an unparalleled insight into the royal estate’s past and present – a tale you'll wish to recount. From an al fresco lunch in the park to gourmet dining at top-tier restaurants, and even car transfers to your carriage, we're here to curate your perfect Windsor experience.

Watch Mylee Hogan from @7newsaustralia enjoying her own Crown Experience during King Charles III's coronation. 

The Long Walk with Windsor Carriages
Horse on The Long Walk

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