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You can’t have a ‘proper’ ride without the right vehicles. 

Our carriages are all classic models that have been maintained, restored or re-created to be the same as those used centuries ago. They are fitted with authentic wheels and traditional fittings - we still work with craftsmen men such as Greg, our wheelwright, who uses skills which date back to the 14th century.

Victoria carriage. windsor great park carriage rides
The Queen Victoria

The Victoria has long been considered one of the most elegant of all coachman carriages. It was designed circa 1860 after Queen Victoria requested modifications to the existing Landau-type carriage. There are no doors on this carriage, just a low scooping body which allowed passengers to be admired. The Victoria seats 2 comfortably, with optional leather hood up or down.

Body break. windsor great park carriage rides
The King George

Our newest addition, commissioned for Windsor Carriages in 2019, stands tall and smart. Providing a larger than average shooting break seating capacity for up to 6 passengers.

These were somewhat ungainly versions of the first Wagonnette introduced in the late 1860s. They were generally used as utility vehicles for exercising horses or taking furniture from house to house when one moved from their country estate to town.

Wagonnette carriage
The King John

Built in 2009 to a specification from my father John Seear it is designed to look and feel just like an original Victorian carriage.

The first vehicle of this type was introduced in around 1846 designed by the firm of Amersham’s for Lord Curzon. In 1845 Messrs Hooper’s of London built a similar vehicle to the orders of Queen Victoria and the specifications of the prince consort. Seats were designed to be on both sides, perfect for sight-seeing expeditions. This carriage is known as a Wagonnette.

Windsor Carriages Landau. Original 1860 Landau.
The 1860 Windsor Landau
Our Restoration Project

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The Landau

The Princess Coach

Our most Royal carriage yet.


New for 2021.


Fully enclosed glass coach seating two comfortably. 

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