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In the Classroom

Schools Programme

Schools Programme Autumn / Winter Term 2024 -2025

Educational syllabus: Victorian carriages / Transport and Journeys / Rural crafts and occupations 

Join us on an exhilarating adventure, transporting children back to the charming era when carriages ruled the roads—a time Rebecca Seear fondly recalls as the daughter of a Windsor coachman. Get ready for a nostalgic journey through the days when carriages were the epitome of travel! 


Embark on an engaging classroom experience as we progress from one horse to a team of four, all while conjuring up an imaginary carriage. Together with the children, we'll adorn the horses with bridles and reins as we construct the carriage. Each horse will have its dedicated groom, totalling up to four, and, of course, a coachman to lead the way! The remaining students will play the role of enthusiastic carriage passengers. This activity aims to connect children to the scale of the operation the thrill of travel during that era.

Our mission: A heritage legacy deeply rooted in history, with a mission to restore historic carriages, educate on driving traditions, and perpetuate this esteemed service. 


Who we are: As the United Kingdom's oldest horse-drawn hackney carriage company, hailing from the Victorian era, Windsor Carriages is resolute in safeguarding our enduring legacy, which traces its roots back to the Victorian era. We take great pride in conducting educational visits for local schools and groups. These special events provide us with the opportunity to not only showcase our treasured collection of artifacts but also unveil the intricate tapestry of history interwoven into the very essence of our operation. These artifacts are currently on display at the Windsor and Eton Museum, conveniently located within the Windsor Guildhall. 

Included in our Visit

  • Real Victorian Artefacts 

    • Original Victorian Coachman's uniform of his top hat, gloves, livery coat, apron and whip (!) for the children to wear and hold. Hats are children sized as Victorian’s had such small heads!

    • Original Victorian carriage harness for the children to feel and hold. Feel the weight of the collars and the intricate leather work. One child per horse bit with the reins stretching back to our coachman and feel the power!

  • All Windsor Carriages staff are DBS checked and receive safeguarding training provided by The Royal Borough to work with children.

  • Our coachmen are licensed by The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead which includes passing a yearly medical. 

  • Public liability insurance up to a value of £5,000,000

  • Risk assessments and health and safety assessment conducted as standard.

  • Liaison with teaching delegate to align our offering to your educational syllabus. 

  • A rich history and experience of commercial carriage driving here in Windsor town and Windsor Great Park. 

St Georges School

St George's School

“Our visit from Windsor Carriages was a really wonderful way to end our unit of inquiry on Victorian life. The children engaged so well with it and adored being able to role-play as the coachmen and horses. They loved being able to hold the objects and wear the Victorian hat. This really brought their learning to life and made it so much more tangible. Rebecca was a font of knowledge and interacted brilliantly with the children. We are already excited about her visit next year.” 

Busy Buttons

Busy Buttons

''Children and adults alike loved learning more about this vital mode of Victorian Transport.  Rebecca took us on a journey of discovery learning about the last horse drawn Hackney carriage license in England. They can trace their coachman and carriages on The Long Walk in Windsor back hundreds of years, when their horse drawn taxis were permitted sole public vehicular use of The Long Walk under the reign of Queen Victoria. Rebecca's talk was fascinating and they even bought a carriage for us to climb aboard!''

Visit our exhibition at The Royal Borough Museum situated in The Guildhall.

Windsor Carriages
Windsor Carriages
Fascinating day with _windsor_museum at their archives where we were fortunate to view sev
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