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Proposals at Windsor Castle

Celebrations are our speciality

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Proposals with 
Windsor Carriages

Let us be your silent accomplice in orchestrating an experience that transcends the ordinary.


Let Windsor Carriages help make your proposal unforgettable. Picture stepping into a carriage, surrounded by love, and pausing at The Long Walk for a stunning view. Guided by our discreet team, your proposal unfolds against the backdrop of the historic Castle. We'll capture the moment on your phone, creating a timeless memory. Cheers from bystanders add to the joy, and if you have a photographer, we'll coordinate seamlessly.

Our focus is on keeping the magic a surprise, letting your partner be swept away in the moment.

Simply make a note when booking your Heritage Ride of your plans and how we can assist such as the above.

Consider enhancing the proposal with personalised touches, like a locally sourced floral bouquet from Stems Flowers who can deliver direct to the carriage after your ride. Capture the magic forever with the allure of professional photography, seamlessly arranged through our collaborative efforts. Our recommendation is Abi Moore Photography, known for capturing the essence of romance.


These thoughtful touches turn your proposal into a cherished memory. Let us add these romantic details, creating a timeless celebration of love.

For those who want company during their proposal or wish to document the moment with friends, family, or a photographer, the designated What Three Words location is ///mats.dozed.taking. It's a practical spot where you can easily coordinate and create memories with your chosen company.

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