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Rebecca Seear

Rebecca grew up in Windsor Great Park surrounded by horses and carriages. As a child her Father would drive her to the Royal school within the Estate, by horse and carriage, and that was 'very normal.'

Over the past 7 years Rebecca has created a wonderful team to continue the tradition and with a first class guest experience.


'All our grooms that join you on your carriage have grown up in and around the castle and love to share their own stories and experiences of life on this remarkable royal estate.'

Joanna Boswood
Equine Therapy

Joanna Boswood, BHSAI Assessor, is our horse whisperer and advocates for their needs.


Joanna also provides us with our schooling and riding instruction. This involves creating exercise and training schedules for all the horses to keep them interested and always learning. 

CJ Carrel Ltd
Registered Farrier

Christopher J Carrel DWCF (Hons) AWCF provides traditional shoeing, natural balance, and remedial trimming.

Chris Carrel has been our farrier for past 15 years and is our expert at driving horse shoes and keeping the horses feet in as perfect a condition as possible.


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Emma Roberts
Equine Physio

Emma Roberts is a Doctor of Chiropractic specialising in using the sensitivity in her hands to gently manipulate the horses skeletal joints and muscles to release fixations, improve range of movement, reflexes and increase suppleness. Emma visits the horses every 6 weeks for physio sessions.

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Greg Rowland

With a family history in the trade stretching back to the 14th century, Mike Rowland and Son are a long established small family firm that produces the highest quality wooden wheels and horse drawn vehicles. 

Greg produces and repairs all our traditional carriage wheels and parts. 

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Peter Moore
Carriage Care

Peter Moore manages our annual carriage maintenance checks in line with the Borough Council licensing regulations.

With our modern vehicles having disc breaks servicing alike a car is required.

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Our Grooms

We are a little biased to think its possibly the best job in the world but its also a hard one sometimes, especially in the winter! Thank you to Becky, Kate, Nyah and Wendy who muck out, poo pick, groom and provide the love and care to our favourite team members...The Horses!

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