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Weddings & Proposals

Weddings & Proposals

Why Windsor Carriages - Since 1849, we've been licensed for operations within Windsor Great Park and Windsor town. All necessary licences and permissions to access this exclusive royal estate are in place, including comprehensive insurance up to £5 million. A thorough risk assessment is conducted for every experience. Our staff, dressed in country attire, are polite and courteous, ensuring you have a safe and pleasant trip. Our commitment to animal welfare is paramount; our beautifully turned out horses are at the heart of our business and your experience.

  • We have provided carriages for weddings and special events at Windsor Castle since 1963.

  • We have a wealth of experience and excellent testimonials from hundreds of happy couples.

  • Our knowledge of the town and Windsor Great Park for wedding photography is unsurpassed, and we take pride in working with you and your photographer to ensure you capture the best photographic memories of your day.

  • We handle all photography permit permissions, and our event coordinator will liaise with your suppliers for a stress-free day

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Experience the enchantment of a Windsor Castle wedding carriage. As you step into the carriage, the world fades away, leaving only the two of you in a cocoon of love. Amidst the grandeur of the Castle, every moment feels like a fairy tale come true.


We can collect you from most Windsor wedding venues and choreograph with your photographer for a photo shoot to remember.

''Just to let you know we had such a lovely wedding and it really made the day with the horse and carriage. The horses were stunning and so well behaved. Becky and John looked after us very well and the champagne was such a welcome surprise! Thank you so much!''


Let us craft an extraordinary proposal experience for you. Step into our carriage and leave the world behind.


A pause at the end of The Long Walk unveils a breathtaking scene, with Windsor Castle as your backdrop. Guided by our discreet team, your proposal unfolds amidst the Castle's magical glow. We'll capture the moment on your phone, preserving this chapter of your love story. Cheers from bystanders add to the joy.


Our seamless coordination ensures every angle is perfect. With secrecy as our art, let us create a romantic epic etched in memory forever.

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