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Crown Experience 

Windsor Carriages

"An absolutely wonderful experience. The groom and driver were great fun, very knowledgeable and looked after us royally. The 2 seater Queen Victoria Carriage is definitely the way to see Windsor Park with classic lines and a very comfortable ride. Stopping for champagne at great view points, seeing so many deer with their young and of course, the star of the entire ride, Joey, a magnificent horse with lots of character and a very real sense of humour. We now have lovely memories of our 45th wedding anniversary. Many thanks to Windsor Carriages."

Keith, UK, The Crown Experience, June 2023, 45th Wedding Anniversary, Queen Victoria Carriage.

Windsor Great Park, a historic parkland boasting ancient oak forests and a vast Deer Park is set against the majestic backdrop of Windsor Castle. Revel in breathtaking views of The Long Walk and the Copper Horse while delving into the rich history of Queen Elizabeth II's childhood home. Our bespoke experience, personalised to your interests in Windsor's history, ensure a royal treatment, courtesy of our skilled coachman and Windsor Great Park guide. 

Our bespoke experience offers an unparalleled insight into the royal estate’s past and present – a tale you'll wish to recount. From an al fresco lunch in the park to gourmet dining at top-tier restaurants, and even car transfers to your carriage, we're here to curate your perfect Windsor experience.

What to Anticipate: 

Marvel at Windsor Castle, set within the 4800-acre Windsor Great Park, inhabited by the wild Red Deer, legacy of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 

The present-day Deer Park was founded more than 70 years ago and is home to approximately 500 Red Deer. The deer population originates from forty hinds and two stags introduced in 1979.

Embark on a scenic ride through Windsor Great Park, encompassing the Deer Park. 

  • Soak in the expansive vistas of Windsor Great Park and Windsor Castle from vantage points up to 3 miles away. 

  • Visit landmarks such as the Copper Horse, Cumberland Lodge, the Windsor Great Park village, and Deer park – home to over 500 Red Deer. 

  • Traverse ancient woodland under the magnificent shadow of Windsor Castle and the Copper Horse.

  • This experience offers a glimpse into the history and current life of the Windsor Estate. From within the royal parkland, one can enjoy a comprehensive view of the Castle and The Long Walk.

What is Included: 

  • A route tailored to your interests in Windsor Great Park. 

  • Private car transfer from Windsor town to the carriage starting point and return journey where required - Experiences can start within Windsor Great Park over 3 miles from Windsor Castle & Town.

  • Refreshments served in our signature Windsor Carriage flutes – a perfect memento to take home. 

  • Your dedicated Windsor Great Park guide, narrating captivating tales and highlighting unique sights.

  • Opportunities for photo stops and our recommended interest points along the route.

  • Stop and enjoy a stroll to the Copper Horse (rarely possible to visit by foot) while your carriage awaits you. 

  • Comfort measures like warm blankets and umbrellas, ensuring a pleasant ride regardless of the weather conditions. 

  • Seamless reservations for meals and entertainment, arriving by carriage where feasible. 

  • Select your preferred carriage from our collection [here]


All necessary licences and permissions to access this exclusive royal estate are in place, including comprehensive insurance up to £5 million. A thorough risk assessment is conducted for every experience. Our staff, dressed in country attire, are polite and courteous, ensuring you have a safe and pleasant trip. 


Our commitment to animal welfare is paramount; our beautifully turned out horses are at the heart of our business and your experience. 

How does this experience differ from our Heritage Rides

Our bespoke experience promises serenity and exclusivity with your journey in the heart of the park, over 3 miles from Windsor town. It offers a longer personalised route (up to 6 miles), choice of carriage, pauses throughout the estate for refreshments and visits to statues or photos and flexibility in scheduling. We also tailor the experience to fit with your visit combining with dining reservations and your visit itinerary. 



Our immersive experiences typically last for around 2 hours, allowing ample time for photo breaks and additional stops to enrich your journey. For those seeking an extended excursion, we offer the option to extend your hire up to 4 hours, perfect for exploring longer routes or indulging in leisurely lunches amidst iconic landmarks and points of interest along the way. When combined with your curated visit to Windsor, including tickets to Windsor Castle, guided tours, and lunch, a full day's itinerary can be crafted.

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