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Legacy Tour

Windsor Carriages

''Upon arrival yesterday from watching the changing of the guards to meeting Joey <the horse> and the carriage drivers, the service was five star start to finish when dropping them off at the Windsor Hotel for afternoon Tea. My parents said that the information and general conversation was educational along with both being extremely friendly and welcoming. We own horses ourselves so this was such a treat for them both, we would definitely return and highly recommend to all for the overall experience."

Jen, UK, Legacy Tour, March 2023, Christmas celebration. 

Embark on an Iconic Carriage Tour starting in Windsor Town, where you'll journey along the legendary Long Walk at Windsor Castle and explore Windsor Deer Park. After a delightful pause for refreshments, return to our vibrant town, where we can arrange onward reservations such as lunch or a visit to Windsor Castle, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Celebrate our heritage with 'The Legacy' tour, where your booking supports the preservation of working horses and carriages in historic towns like Windsor, safeguarding a cherished feature for over 175 years.


What to Anticipate: 

Your private carriage will collect you from Windsor town, transporting you through the vibrant streets. Pass landmarks like The Guildhall, and experience the bustling town centre before journeying to the renowned Long Walk of Windsor Castle. 


Enjoy the breathtaking views of Windsor Castle and The Long Walk; revel in a historic horse-drawn carriage ride, a tradition cherished by royalty throughout the ages, and exclusively offered to Windsor Carriages' guests since 1849.  Indulge in refreshing drinks served while your guide regales you with captivating stories about the passing landscape. Immerse yourself in the enchanting tales, adding an extra layer of magic to your Windsor experience


Embark on a scenic route within Windsor Town, entering The Long Walk through the Cambridge gates. Witness landmarks such as The Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore, the final resting place of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; Windsor’s Diamond Jubilee Monument, commemorating Daniel and Storm, the two horses who drew Queen Elizabeth II’s carriages, and experience panoramic views into the 5000-acre estate which surrounds the Castle.


The journey concludes where it began within Windsor Town. 


Included in Your Experience: 

  • Flexible scheduling to suit your day.

  • Guide included. Your dedicated Windsor Great Park guide, narrating captivating tales and highlighting unique sights.

  • Photos - Your guide will take photos of guests on their devices at stops along the route.

  • Carriages have weather protection in the event of rain showers.

  • Comfort measures like warm blankets and umbrellas, ensuring a pleasant ride regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Select your preferred carriage from our collection [here] 

  • Seamless reservations for meals, hotels and entertainment, arriving by carriage where feasible. 

  • Choice of refreshments such as English sparkling wine served in our signature Windsor Carriage flutes.

  • Our staff, dressed in country attire, are polite and courteous, ensuring you have a safe and pleasant trip.

  • Our commitment to animal welfare is paramount; our beautifully turned out horses are at the heart of our business and your experience.

All necessary licences and permissions to access this exclusive royal estate are in place, including comprehensive insurance up to £5 million. A thorough risk assessment is conducted for every experience. Our staff, dressed in country attire, are polite and courteous, ensuring you have a safe and pleasant trip. 


Our commitment to animal welfare is paramount; our beautifully turned out horses are at the heart of our business and your experience. 

How does this experience differ from our Heritage Rides

Our bespoke experience promises serenity and exclusivity accessing Windsor town and a longer route on The Long Walk, into The Deer Park. It offers a longer personalised route, choice of carriage, pauses throughout the estate for refreshments and visits to statues or photos and flexibility in scheduling. We also tailor the experience to fit with your visit combining with dining reservations and your visit itinerary. 



Typically 1 hour and a half, allowing ample time for photo breaks and additional stops to enrich your journey. Total hire time is 2 hours.

When combined with your curated visit to Windsor, including tickets to Windsor Castle, guided tours, and lunch, a full day's itinerary can be crafted.

This tour concludes in the heart of Windsor Town, where we can recommend and arrange restaurant reservations to seamlessly extend your experience. Our carriage will transport you directly to the restaurant door, ensuring a Windsor arrival like no other!

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